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Although you may have read over the key benefits of being a member, here are some commonly asked questions I have received from those attempting to figure out if they should become a member:

What do I get as a member?

For $300 per year, you will receive daily strategy reports that include everything you need including education tutorials, weekend chart shows, and my proprietary stock/ETF prospecting tool. There are other nice benefits as well, but those are the most popular.

Do you offer any guarantee?

Yes, if for any reason you don’t like your membership, just let me know within the first month (30 days) and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked!

How can I trust you?

In this business, trust must be earned. The best and only defense all of us have is to keep our eyes open, trust our gut, and be skeptical. Only through time and hard work will I be able to earn your trust and respect by being helpful to you.

Why is your annual fee so cheap?

My goal here is to help the “little guy” investor and trader, not the already rich and powerful. While many well-known and high-regarded pros are members, by keeping the membership dues set at $300 per year, my membership is still affordable and accessible to most everyone. While other comparable services charge $500 or more a year, when you break down the annual membership fee it works out to be $25 per month or less than $6 a week. In fact, in most cases your membership is also tax deductible as an investment expense.

Do you do automatic renewals?

No. I never do that. As of last year, less than 2% of my members decided not to renew their memberships so I have no reason to force an automatic renewal upon you if you don’t want it. It has always been my policy from the start only to renew memberships by request. As someone who has reviewed and used many websites and investment services, I always felt that this commonplace practice was unethical and unnecessary as long as you provided a worthwhile service.

Which payment method should I choose?

I offer three secure payment methods through amazon, paypal, and by regular mail. You should choose the payment method that is best and most convenient for you. If you have no personal preference among these three payment options, I recommend the payment by mail option in order to avoid the transaction fees that both amazon and paypal charge me to process your payment.

Is a membership only for beginners?

Due to my reputation for providing a high-quality service, my membership includes a diverse group of people from all over the world from all walks of life. Based on prior membership surveys, I estimate that roughly 20% of the membership is comprised of professional money managers and investment advisers and the other 80% is split between more experienced traders and investors and those who are new and/or who only trade and invest as a very part-time hobby. Because I offer so much at the members’ only site, it is rare that I don’t offer at least something that everyone can use and find helpful.

Why don’t you offer a free trial?

There are two main reasons for this policy. First, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee which makes a free trial period unnecessary. Second, as a one man operation I simply don’t have the time or the staff to manage free trial requests. My website draws over 100,000 visitors a month, so you can imagine it would be quite an undertaking just to manage those who desire free trials. Also, by requiring payment up front makes sure that those who choose to become members are serious about investing in themselves and their future.

Why isn’t your stuff free?

I charge a low membership fee ($300 a year) in order to at justify, at least in some small way, the vast amount of time and effort I devote every day to providing such a high-quality and helpful service. In addition, the vast majority of all membership dues I collect annually beyond my expenses are donated to charity. Every year I’m honored that with the help and support of my loyal members that we give back thousands of dollars to those who are most in need.

Why do you do The Kirk Report?

For nearly two decades, I’ve learned a tremendous amount of what it takes to be consistently successful by making every mistake possible. My goal here is to help members as much as I can in order to shorten the long learning curve it takes to be successful. There are two additional benefits from this endeavor. First, and foremost, the process of teaching others also helps me improve. There is no question that I’ve become good at what I do because of my efforts here at The Kirk Report. Secondly, as an independent trader and investor I enjoy getting to know members who seek the same goals as I do and who have similar interests as my own.

Will you overload us with info?

Absolutely not! Through the years, I have significantly modified what I provide for members every day so that those of us with busy lives and lots of responsibilities can still tremendously benefit from what I offer every day. My goal is to be as helpful to those who don’t have a lot of time to spare as those who can dedicate every waking hour to the markets.

Where can I learn more about you?

Please see my about me page that shares my personal story.

Why are there no ads at your site?

From the very beginning, I decided to create a website that was free from all advertisements and unhelpful distractions. I also didn’t want to use the site as a platform to sell other things. What you see here, is what you get. There is no hidden agenda or conflicts of interest.

How many members do you have?

I now have over 7,000 members who’ve been with me for at least two years or more. While this is only a small fraction of those who have visited the free website since 2003 (10 million people worldwide), over 100,000 people read my free reports and I’ve attracted a large and growing following at both stocktwits and twitter. Because I don’t and have never paid for advertisements to generate memberships sales, over 90% of members come to me by way of personal recommendations. That’s the way I prefer it because people know what to expect from me at the very beginning.

Where is your track record?

After publicly publishing my investment returns openly for many years and receiving a deluge of new visitors and members, I learned through personal experience the problems from doing so. Amid many reasons I made this change is that doing so attracted the wrong type of following who are only seeking short cuts, get rich quick methods, and other stupidity and who are drawn to the level of returns I’ve seen in the past. As members will tell you, that is not what I’m about and that’s not what this site is all about! Obviously, if The Kirk Report was a stock picking service or offered investment advice, I would still provide one. But, I simply don’t offer that kind of service. My goal here, after all, is to teach you how to become a better trader and investor on your own in your own way, utilizing your own talents and skills, not for me to do the work for you. My approach is unique from what you see elsewhere and it works!

Can I copycat your trades?

No. I don’t offer members the ability to copycat every move I make in the markets. If that is all you seek, you will not be happy being a member. However, fortunately for you, there are thousands of websites that are set up to help you and empty out your pockets in doing so. My focus here is on education and skill development only. In my opinion, if you are truly serious about becoming a better investor and trader, the first step is to first believe in yourself that you can obtain the skills and knowledge to invest and trade successfully on your own in your own way. The Kirk Report is designed to help you do that which is also why so many have found it more valuable than other offerings.

How has your performance been?

Like everyone else, I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. While I have previously disclosed the amounts I’ve made and my performance data throughout my 21 year trading career, I no longer desire to impress others by such nonsense. Trading and investing is hard and I don’t want you to think it is easy or that anyone can do it, because that’s simply not reality. I can help you, but only if you are willing to work your butt off and pay attention to what I provide.

Do you offer mentoring opportunities?

Yes. In 2009 I started the first of its kind mentoring program where I work one-on-one with fellow members for free. This mentoring group has quickly become one of my most fulfilling endeavors to date and I’m excited about expanding my focus and time on building the group more in the coming years. This program is, of course, limited to those who both qualify (i.e. members for at least three years) and who are selected by the entire group after an extensive application and interview.

Do you manage other people’s money?

No. I’m independent and only trade and invest my own money. While there have been many offers through the years, unlike most in this business, I value personal freedom much more than money. I work really hard, I love what I do and I’m in charge of my own destiny. If I wanted to work for others or make “rich people richer” I would have started my own hedge fund. For now, I value personal freedom much more than the bottom line.

Can you give me personal advice?

No. I’m not a licensed broker or investment adviser, nor do I know enough about you to be given that level of responsibility. The whole focus of The Kirk Report is to empower you to make these decisions on your own, not so you can latch upon me or anyone else for help. Believe it or not, you already have what it takes to do quite well in the market. Much better than the vast majority. I just have to open a few doors for you to see how to do it!

Will a membership really be worthwhile?

Those who get the most out of their memberships are by no coincidence those who put the most in them. In other words, if you take time to read what I provide, watch the videos, and read the outside resources I suggest AND then follow that up with concentrated practice, this membership will be far more valuable than the price suggests.

What are some reasons why I should NOT become a member?

After being asked this question, I recently took a survey of my members and asked them to offer suggestions that I can share why they think others should NOT join the website. Here are the top 10:

  1. You are seeking hot tips and advice to “get rich quick.”
  2. You want someone to tell you want to do with your money rather than building and working your own strategy toward greater long-term success.
  3. You enjoy losing money.
  4. You are seeking the proverbial “holy grail” for market success.
  5. You think everything should be free and can’t understand why you’re not already successful using free services.
  6. You want to underperform the market like most people including most “market professionals.”
  7. You want to stay poor and unsuccessful.
  8. You are lazy and desire to stay ignorant about how to tilt the odds back in your favor.
  9. You already think you already know everything there is to know about the markets and can’t learn anything more.
  10. You think tremendous success and outperformance in the markets is not possible and are looking for someone to prove you right!

To be honest, being a member is not for everyone. If you’re seeking short cuts, easy answers, personal advice and hot stock tips, you won’t be happy being a member. However, if you are sincerely motivated about improving yourself and your performance in the markets and reaching your full potential, I know without any doubt that I can be very helpful to you.


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