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Charles E. Kirk is a semi-retired, independent trader who lives with his wife at Kauai, Hawaii. Prior to his career in trading, Mr. Kirk worked as a private investigator and earned a law degree.


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Mr. Kirk began trading over twenty two years ago in 1993. He started The Kirk Report ten years later in 2003 to help those who wanted to succeed in the markets and to share his personal journey toward financial independence. Since that time, Mr. Kirk’s following has grown to include thousands of individual and professional investors and traders throughout the world.

At the age of 43, Mr. Kirk retired from full-time trading in 2014 in order to fully devote himself completely to his private mentoring program and helping members of The Kirk Report. While he still trades and invests on his own on a part-time basis, it is his loyal devotion and dedication to his membership that remains his passion.

When not at the computer, you can find Mr. Kirk enjoying everything Hawaii has to offer include golf, hiking, biking, snorkeling, surfing and kayaking on the north shore. He is also an active participant and contributor in several charitable organizations with a primary emphasis on protecting the environment.


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