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Charles E. Kirk, The Kirk Report

Charles E. Kirk is a full-time, independent trader who lives in Cedar City, Utah.

Mr. Kirk began trading in 1993 and began his journey with a $2,000 brokerage account. While starting off as a part-time buy and hold investor, Mr. Kirk taught himself how to trade the markets and now makes a living from his full-time trading.

Mr. Kirk’s trading strategy focuses on trading both ETFs and stocks (day and swing trades) using proprietary tools and strategies that he has developed. Mr. Kirk also mentors other aspiring traders and investors through the members’ only website of The Kirk Report and is well-known and respected for his numerous contributions for advancing trader development. Prior to trading, Mr. Kirk worked as a private investigator and earned a law degree.

Beyond trading and mentoring others, Mr. Kirk enjoys golf, hiking, riding all-terrain vehicles, travel, movies, music and is an active participant and contributor in numerous charitable organizations.

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